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Digital Photography Series: Living Statues
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This is a series I did for digital photography called, "Living Statues." I wondered what statues would do if they were alive. Would they work to change the world or grow living things even though they were made of stone? Or would they walk and see the world after centuries of standing still? Perhaps they would do things we do, like take classes. All of this poses the question: What would you do if you were a statue?

Each picture is comprised of at least two images, the statue and their environment. While it might seem easy to just meld two images together, it actually took quite a bit of searching and work in Photoshop to take the statues from one place to another. Lighting was one of the major considerations. I had to make sure that the light was coming from the same direction in both photographs to make sure that the statues didn't look out of place. I also had to make them cast a shadow, which gave them weight within the picture. I wanted them to be a part of the scene so I tried to make sure that they were placed behind some items and in front of others. This meant I had to pay attention to the continuity of the scene and make sure that if a statue's shoulder went behind a pole that it came out the other side. All of these details lead to a very visually interesting series. The statue is not always immediately obvious in the scene, but becomes a surprise as you examine the picture.

This digital photo series was created as part of a class project.

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