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Graphic Design
Crayola Pop Art Graphic Design and Advertising Campaign
The Crayola project was a senior class project given to the graphic design students in a combination design/public relation class. The outline of the project was for student to come up with a new product for Crayola for use by adults. We then presented our ideas to both sections of the class to see if it was a viable idea. The next step was to come up with ideas for names and do another presentation to see which one, if any, got the best response. Once the idea and name were approved, work began on the logo, advertising, packaging, branding, a store display, signs and anything else we could think of for our product.

My concept was removable wallpaper for college students and renters to use
to decorate their living spaces. Such products were available but were aimed at children, based on the colors and patterns available. It was agreed that, if I could show designs in a room that were more mature, this was something my classmates would be interested in themselves. Our instructor, who owns and rents several apartments, agreed that he would let his tenants use such products to decorate.
The naming process took slightly longer, until I hit on Pop Art, because you pop it
up on the wall and also as a reference to the genre of pop art. The agreement on
the name was almost unanimous. Since I have completed this project I have seen more and more of this type of product aimed at college students and adults as well as older children and teens.

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