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Graphic Design
Crayola Pop Art Logo


The logo was possibly the hardest part of this project. Because Crayola has a very simplistic logo I wanted to keep with that ideal. However because Crayola is also primarily known for producing children's products I wanted the Pop Art logo to be more elegant, while still adhering to the Crayola brand standards. The Crayola logo always appears in one of two colors, a bright yellow or a dark green. To keep with
the Crayola brand I used their bright yellow but for a different, more sophisticated look I used a contrasting blue. To set the Pop Art font apart I chose a serif font in contrast with the Crayola sans serif font. Because it is a much more slender font
than that of the parent company logo, I set all the letters to capital to give them
more visual weight. I used the boxes to give it additional weight and to contain
the tag line, "Creative solutions for creative lives."

Pop Art Possibilities


Pop Art Possibilities is a secondary promotional logo (see Store Display for a full description). It appears on a line of free suggestion pages that are posted in stores near the product to give buyers ideas on how the product can be used.

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