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Graphic Design
Crayola Pop Art Store Display


Pop Art store display, intended to display both the product as well as product
suggestions, the Pop Art Possibilities idea pad. Display is intended to be free
standing and features images familiar to the Pop Art line. The Pop Art Possibilities
pad, mounted on each side, features a room decorated with Pop Art products on
the front. The back contains a list of which products are needed to recreate the
room on the front, plus instructions for how to use the products and a link to the
product website. This page is intended to be offered free to passing customers,
to give them ideas, suggestions and to encourage them to return to buy the
product or go to the website to purchase it. Without this customers are often
left searching for the name of the product they saw. They will often either give
up if they can't find it, or end up on a competitor's website.

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