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Graphic Design
Crayola Pop Art Packaging
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There are three kinds of Pop Art packaging. Large panels (a & b) of solid color and patters such as stars and clouds. On the front is the parent logo, the product logo, a window to see what color or pattern you are buying and a product statement square with exact information on what this particular packet contains. On the back is a product statement, above a picture of the product in use. To the right are directions to the website for more ideas and detailed instructions for how to use the product. Below there is space for any necessary product warning or disclaimers, copyright information and a barcode. This ensures that when that information is available the other pieces will not need to be relocated to make room for these necessary items.

The next kind of packaging (c) is a large tube for room decals such as a moon for star patterns or the 1940's pin-up that appears in the series. This consists of a clear box that allows the buyer to see the decal rolled up inside. The logo appears at the top while a thumbnail and a product content list appear at the bottom. This package is intended for the large decals that are too big to lie flat in a package like the panels.

The last package (d) is intended for the small room boarders, measuring no wider than 6" tall but which also need to be rolled up because of their length. These, like the larger decal tubes, are clear to allow the consumer to view the product but also display the logo, thumbnail and package content.

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