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Graphic Design
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The Dea Donna advertising focused on the different dress lines. The dresses
themselves were not intended to be named, but to have different styles in different
lines, each named after a goddess. The idea was then that each dress in that line
would be photographed and displayed in the ad, always in a particular style. For
example, Gaia (center ad), is the goddess of the earth, so dresses in the Gaia line
would always be photographed outside in a natural setting. The Athena line (left),
named for the goddess of wisdom, was to be photographed in more simple yet
elegant settings, while the Aphrodite line (right), named for the famed goddess
of love, was to convey something more perky yet sexy.

Displayed are each line in a two-page and single page, 4-color spread. The two
page spread features the dress with the Dea Donna figurine, the line name and
the tag line, "Elegance, beauty and grace. Be a goddess."

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