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Graphic Design
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The Dea Donna logo was created to exist as a whole or so that each piece, the
figurine, the Dea Donna logotype or simply the double D initials could stand alone.
By doing this we had a more flexible piece that was better suited to a multitude of
situations. Depending on the formality of the situation, be it a print ad, store
merchandise or even something as simple as tissue paper, we could mix and
match the pieces and still have a recognizable brand.



During the intial design phase of the logo my team responded well to the Dea
Donna logotype and the double D initials but felt that it needed a more intricate
element. The figurine was taken from a Roman shield covered in dancing figures.
I scanned, traced, colored and illustrated several from the shield. The final choice,
they decided,had the grace and flow that they wanted to represent Dea Donna,
which in Italian means Beautiful Woman.

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