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Graphic Design

Graphic Design
I-BEST, Integrated Basic Education & Skills Training
Poster, Brochure, Flyer
IBEST Poster blank

I-BEST was a program at Green River Community College (GRCC) meant to
introduce students to some of the programs and class available to them. By having one area that specialized in these programs, students could ask about a variety of options when deciding which one was right for them instead of having to go from
place to place on campus and getting overwhelmed.

By meeting with the client and listening to her needs, I was able to determine how
best to use her materials in the most efficient way possible. The brochure was used
as a hand-out and a mailer while the poster was hung all over campus. The flyer
was left blank on one side with the intention that each quarter the new class schedule could be printed on the blank side and handed out. This way the information was distributed as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

The project was created for Green River Community College, Auburn, WA. The final project was an 11" x 17" poster, a two sided, tri-fold 8.5" x 11" brochure and an 8.5"
x 11" flyer, all done in 4 color process.

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